Modern Myths and Goddesses



When asked which mythical character I most identify with, Xena Warrior Princess is the first one that comes to mind. I know, I know, she’s a made for TV character that emerged from the WB in the 90s. But this gives you an idea of where I’m coming from.

I saw Wonder Woman last weekend and I sobbed through the whole three hour movie. Why? Because I loved her so much! She is who I want to be when I grow up. Strong and fierce and tough, inside and out. She fights for truth and justice and cannot be corrupted by personal interest. But she’s still kind and loving and compassionate, not to mention gorgeous. She’s an Amazon, warrior Goddess, raised in paradise. But she chose to be in the world with all it’s ugliness and to still believe in it, to still fight for it!

She reminds me a lot of Promethea, another modern Goddess. She embodies creative expression, intuition, and magic. She has her own comic book by the same name and I have her tattooed on my arm. As the story goes, she has had different incarnations throughout time. When ever the world stagnates and needs to be reminded of itself, she merges with and possesses the body of an artist. Her spirit enables them to take their creativity to the next level providing exactly what the world needs to urge it to leap forward into the next phase of it’s existence.

Come to think of it, all of these modern goddesses could be seen as new incarnations of Athena, the goddess of war and justice, wisdom, courage, inspiration, strength, strategy and the arts. The myths and their characters are here to give us hope and remind us of who we truly are, or who we truly want to be. Their names and images may shift to reflect the times, but their characteristics and purpose are timeless. Any one of us could be Promethea’s next incarnation! Or maybe we are all already embodying that energy collectively!

Read the comic!!

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